Beaded Cellini Spiral Statement Necklace
Cellini Spiral Statement Necklace
Handcrafted Cellini Spiral Necklace
Beaded Statement Necklace

Cellini Spiral Necklace

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You’ll be the belle of the ball with this incredibly unique, handcrafted Cellini Spiral Necklace with statement clasp lock.


Made of exquisite high-quality black and blue beads, the Cellini spiral bead pattern is hand-stitched to absolute perfection and always looks amazing with a sharp V neckline of any color!


This statement necklace for women measures 19 inches in length and its sleek toggle clasp lock secures this beauty in place all night long.


It's the navy blue statement necklace every stylish woman must have in her collection.


Limited pieces available.

Order your spiral beaded necklace today!

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