Hematine And Crystal Drop Earrings
Hematine And Crystal Drop Earrings

Hematine And Crystal Drop Earrings

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Handmade Hematine and Crystal Drop Earrings

These gorgeous Hematine drop earrings are made with black plated findings with Hematine gemstone beads and bicone crystals approximate length is 3cm. Matching necklace available.

Handmade by myself.

Known to many as Hematite, although we reserve this name for the natural variety. Nearly all of the Hematite found available in the market (approximately 99%) is the manmade variety also known as Hematine or Hemalyke. The rarity of natural Hematite means it's high cost is prohibitive to its use when such a great replica of the stone is available, as the manmade product pocesses the same properties and look of the natural gemstone and can be fashioned into many shapes, colours and even be magnetised.
An ultimate classic in the bead world, a great selection of shapes at affordable prices. Also magnetic and colour coated hematine varieties. Magnetic hematine can be added to bracelets for its health benefits, allowing fashionable health jewellery.

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